Local Development Finance results for 2013

OVER 60% of the population of developing countries have no stake in how their affairs are run

We invest seed capital and technical assistance to promote increased capital flows to the local level, reducing inequalities, improving services and increasing opportunities for sustainable economic development. We do this through innovation and testing in new public and private financial systems that mobilize, allocate and invest additional resources and promote transparency and accountability in their use.

UNCDF global thematic programmes are designed to complement UNCDF country programmes

UNCDF delivers its support to inclusive finance and local development finance via country programmes, tailored to the needs of individual countries; and global thematic programmes, intended to complement and create synergies with programmes at country-level. The 'identification of innovations' at the global level often converges with the 'gap analyses' of country programmes.

UNCDF partners with many development actors to have the greatest impact across all the 8 MDGs

We believe that achieving the Millennium Development Goals is possible, but that no single actor can meet the MDGs alone. UNCDF works in partnerships with many development actors and brings its comparative advantage to where it will have the greatest impact across all the 8 MDGs.

UNCDF is committed to continuously assess its performance

The booklet "Assessing UNCDF" summarizes key assessments of UNCDF since 2004. The overall picture is encouraging: UNCDF's work in Inclusive Finance and Local Development Finance is widely seen as relevant to reducing poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

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