UNCDF in Benin

UNCDF in Benin

The Challenge

One of Africa's most stable democracies, Benin boasts a proliferation of political parties and a strong civil society. Economically, however, the picture is less bright: Benin faces multiple development challenges with endemic corruption and ranks at 166th out of 187 countries in the 2013 Human Development Index. Growth is driven largely by agriculture, which is vulnerable to fluctuations in the volume of rainfall, and constrained by the high cost of agricultural inputs and the low level of mechanization.

How We Are Helping?

Although the Borgou region in Benin is agriculturally productive, food security indicators are weak. The current UNCDF Projet d’Appui à la Décentralisation, à la Déconcentration et au Développement économique local au Bénin (PA3D) aims to strengthen local capacities to support local economic development and improve the food security of the population, particularly women and the most vulnerable. Complementary objective include reinforcing the decentralization process and improving the overall living conditions of the population. The programme is jointly supported by UNCDF ($2m), UNDP ($1.5m), the Belgian Fund for Food Security, BFFS ($4.9m), and the Government of Benin ($1.3m).

In Detail


Test: Project to support decentralization, devolution and local economic development in Benin (PA3D)

Goal To support decentralization, local economic development and improve food security in Benin.
  • Establishing local development funds for better adapted local infrastructure to reducing poverty and food insecurity;
  • Supporting communities to develop strategic agricultural sectors;
  • Strengthening the capacities of communities in support of local economic development.
Period 2009-2014
Partners UNCDF, UNDP, Belgian Fund for Food Security (BFFS),Government.
Total project cost and UNCDF contribution USD 9,700,000
USD 2,000,000
Results (including scaling and policy impact)

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