UNCDF in Guinea

UNCDF in Guinea

The Challenge

Guinea's mineral wealth makes it potentially one of Africa's richest countries, yet its people are among the poorest in West Africa. Guinea’s Human Development Index value for 2013 positioned the country at 178 out of 187 countries. Because of the existing and potential negative externalities related to mining activities, natural resource management has become a particularly critical issue. Although the country has been seen as a bulwark against instability in neighbouring Ivory Coast, Liberia and Sierra Leone, it has also been affected by the conflicts that have ravaged the region.

How We Are Helping?

UNCDF is helping Guinea to meet its development challenges by supporting decentralization and efforts to bolster civic participation in public management. Guinea’s decentralization efforts have extended over the past fifteen years, with significant gains in social service infrastructure and strong decision-making bodies enjoying relative financial autonomy at the community level.

The current Programme de développement local en Guinée (PDLG II) project aims at supporting decentralization and civic engagement in combating poverty. This programme is jointly supported by UNCDF, UNDP, the Government of Guinea, some municipalities, mining companies and the ONG Plan Guinée.

In the microfinance sector, UNCDF and UNDP are supporting the process of national strategy for microfinance.

In Detail


Programme de développement local en Guinée (PDLG II)

GoalTo support decentralization (policy, strategies) and civic participation in public management and local economy promotion.
  • Strengthening local capacities in terms of planning and financing tools and municipal management;
  • Establishing a local development fund to finance local development actions;
  • Supporting the development of mechanisms for fiscal and financial transfers;
  • Through participatory planning of local development actions.
PartnersUNCDF, UNDP, Government, CRD et CU de Karoussa et Seguiri, Semafo, Plan Guinée
Total project cost and UNCDF contributionUSD 7,960,000
USD 2,000,000
Results (including scaling and policy impact)

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