The Challenge

Since its creation, UNCDF has been dedicated to searching for the right tools to assist local authorities to increase their efficiency and find sustainable solutions to face their challenges—decentralization, local development, services provision to their local populations and the strengthening of local democratic life.

The issues relating to managing, operating, and financing local authorities, the delivery of local services, and the development of local economies are difficult. They are complex issues that involve a great many actors: citizens, locally elected authorities and governments as well as development partners.

How We Are Helping?

Local authorities, the governments and partners must work towrads great efficiency and effectiveness of local structures in order to ensure sustainable and lasting development of local operations and local public services - a development that fulfills the expectations of local capacities. To achieve this, it is necessary to be able to make an objective diagnostic on the deficiencies and potential within the local authority.

The Locally Owned Knowledge = Inclusive Growth (LoOKING) diagnostic tool was developed by the UNCDF’s local development technicians.

It is a process as well as a tool that assesses the way that local authorities function and helps them find appropriate solutions for management and governance challenges. Using diagnostics and analysis, LoOKING identifies both inefficiencies and economic, financial, and organizational potential in local entities.

To learn more about the LoOKING diagnostic tool, please download the LoOKING brochure

In Detail

Additional Information


The Locally Owned Knowledge = Inclusive Growth (LoOKING)

GoalImprove the functioning of the local government and the quality of local services
LooKING is a diagnostic tool that has 4 stages:
  • A comprehensive audit evaluates the economic, fiscal, and organizational functioning of a local authority. The audit is at the very heart of the LOGFIDD process and report.
  • A local conference aims to validate the audit and to identify ways that the dynamic between a territory and its institutions can be developed and improved.
  • A pact for local development, grounded in results-based management, builds on a contract involving all stakeholders.
  • A scorecard tracks the local authority’s investment program and performance, including the identification of responsible actors and their roles.
Active InPapua-New-Guinea.
Total project cost and UNCDF contribution513,076 (For PNG only)