UNCDF and the SDGs

UNCDF and the SDGs

UNCDF leverages its innovative financing models under SDG 17 on the means of implementation to contribute to SDG 1 on poverty eradication with a focus on reaching the last mile, and addressing inequalities of access. 

By identifying those market segments where innovative financing models can have transformational impact in helping to reach the 'Last Mile', UNCDF contributes to a number of different SDGs and currently contributes to 28 out of 
169 targets.

How does financial inclusion support the SDGs? 

Financial inclusion models can support overall economic growth and the achievement of broader development goals. It also creates more stable financial systems and economies, mobilizing domestic resources through national savings and helping to boost government revenue. 

How does local development finance support the SDGs? 

Investments in small but transformational infrastructure projects at the local level - feeder roads, bridges, micro hydro, and climate adaptation - can help meet the SDGs. They create substantial development dividends for food security, women's economic empowerment, renewable clean energy, climate resilience, and local economic development.