UNCDF Evaluation Policy

UNCDF Evaluation Policy

In 2011, the Executive Board revised the Evaluation Policy of UNDP to which UNCDF is party.

This policy sets out the following mandatory criteria for the conduct of evaluation in UNCDF:

  • At least 1 strategic or thematic assessment per year in response to corporate priorities;
  • Mid-term or final evaluations of selected projects in critical areas of relevance to the two UNCDF practice areas of local development and inclusive finance;
  • Project evaluations when required by a partnership protocol;
  • Participation in evaluations of joint programmes as required by approved joint programme documents.

The policy guides the Evaluation Unit in fulfilling its role as 'custodian' of the evaluation function across the organisation, more specifically in the following areas:

  • Supporting the development of well-defined results frameworks to facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of programmes and activities;
  • Ensuring sound and relevant evaluation methods are used to assess the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and likely sustainability of UNCDF's interventions in the local development and inclusive finance service areas; and
  • Contributing to ensuring that UNCDF is accountable for its results and that its evaluations support corporate learning and knowledge development.

 The full Evaluation Policy can be found here: http://web.undp.org/evaluation/policy.htm#vi  

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