Sep. 11, 2014

In an urbanizing country, the nation's economic prosperity increasingly depends on having functional and resilient cities. As cities and towns grow, decentralization becomes more viable and more necessary, and in many countries local government autonomy increases.Enhancing the capacity of local officials to carry out their delegated functions, not only improves safety and quality of life locally, it empowers cities and towns to contribute in important ways to national social and economic development targets.

Sep. 10, 2014

The New United Nations Capital Development Fund Executive Secretary, Judith Karl, will be in Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania for her first official visit which will start on 11 September 2014 and will end on 19 September 2014.

Ms. Judith Karl, appointed by the UNDP Administrator Ms. Helen Clark on 10 July 2014, has joined UNCDF – the UN’s capital investment agency that promotes economic development and inclusive growth in the least developed countries – on 1 August 2014.

Sep. 03, 2014
The fifth annual Responsible Finance Forum took place on August 28-29, 2014 in Perth, Australia, convening over 100 industry, government and private sector leaders to discuss how digital financial services can be delivered in a transparent, fair and safe manner. Focusing exclusively on the use of technology to provide financial services and products for the poor, the Forum enabled participants to share specific approaches that private and public sector actors can take to address emerging risks from the expansion of digital financial services. 
Sep. 02, 2014
Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea’s dramatic geography of highlands, islands and vast waterways population is home to around 8 million people. With significant infrastructure challenges, mobile technology has long been touted a golden opportunity for the West Pacific nation, particularly with the introduction and anticipated adoption of mobile money services, across an 81% unbanked population.

Aug. 31, 2014
Apia, Samoa

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) today launched a new funding facility, inviting financial service providers to develop new ways of enabling low-income and rural Pacific Islanders to access affordable savings, insurance, credit and other financial services.

Aug. 28, 2014

Integrating digital payments into the economies of emerging and developing nations addresses crucial issues of broad economic growth and individual financial empowerment, according to a new report by the World Bank Development Research Group.

Aug. 27, 2014
Kathmandu, NEPAL

CleanStart, UNCDF's global programme with focus on inclusive energy access, has the vision to dramatically expand consumer financing for low-income people who want to shift from traditional household energy applications to renewable energy. In Nepal the programme is partnering with four Financial Services Providers (FSPs), both wholesale and retail lenders, to provide accessible credit to rural households in order to make this switch.

Aug. 25, 2014

The Fifth Annual Responsible Finance Forum (RFF V) will take place on August 28-29 in Perth, Australia — followed by the SME Finance Forum sponsored session on “Technology/Innovation for Inclusion” on August 30th and the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion Plenary and Forum on September 1st.

Aug. 25, 2014
Brussels, BELGIUM

Branchless and mobile financial services hold the promise of banking millions of low income households in least developed countries by 2020. However the rise of these new banking services comes together with many complex issues and hurdles that involve an entire ecosystem of actors from mobile operators, to banks, microfinance institutions and regulators.

Aug. 22, 2014
Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA

With the objective to promote Local Economic Development through investments in essential small and medium size infrastructure projects in Tanzania, UNCDF is implementing the Local Finance Initiative (LFI) Programme in partnership with the Prime Minister’s Office – Ministry of Regional Administration and Local Governments (PMORALG).