Jul. 18, 2014
New York, USA

On July 11th, UNCDF attended the High-Level side event Empowering Countries through Evaluation: Evaluation as a country level tool for the new development agenda as part of the Fourth Development Cooperation Forum.

Jul. 18, 2014
Jijiga, Somali Regional State, ETHIOPIA

The UNCDF team conducted a monitoring visit to the Davah Livestock cooperative in the Ararso woreda. This cooperative has its origins in nine livestock income generating groups established with UNCDF support during the first year of the UN Joint Programme on Public Service Delivery and Accelerated Development in the Developing Regional States.

Jul. 17, 2014
Garowe, Puntland, SOMALIA

The Puntland Government Cabinet under the leadership of President Abdulwali Mohamed Ali Gaas approved the Decentralization Policy. This marks an important step in achieving one of the aims that the Puntland Government has been pursuing in recent years – to devolve local service delivery to district governments.

Jul. 16, 2014

Manjuara Khatun’s nightmare started last year when her husband lost his legs in a sudden traffic road accident. The injury rendered him unable to work thus throwing her world upside down.

Life was already tough for Manjuara, who had to drop out of school after the primary level due to the death of her father, as she had to scramble to find a work. Opportunities were so few and far between that local authorities could not provide any support for her, and finding a way to make a living became increasingly difficult.

Jul. 11, 2014

The Deepening Decentralization Programme (DDP) in Lesotho, supported by the European Union, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), is set up to promote decentralized service delivery for social and economic growth through the development of a transparent funding mechanism and by improving the accountability of local authorities.

Jul. 10, 2014

In rural areas, Mozambique continues to experience food insecurity, regularly aggravated by extreme climatic events. Specifically, and according to SETSAN (Mozambique’s Technical Secretariat for Food Security and Nutrition) reports, Gaza province socio-economic indicators highlighted extreme pools of poverty, where climate conditions – i.e. extreme dry and rainy seasons- have contributed to increase the vulnerabilities of communities and households to food insecurity and malnutrition.

Jul. 09, 2014

As part of the regular visits of the President of Puntland to examine how governmental institutions are functioning, Dr. Gaas visited the Ministry of Finance (MOF) on 7 July 2014. The president held meetings with the Minister of Finance to discuss domestic financial issues, including fiscal management, application of strict financial integrity and increasing revenues to address national needs.

Jul. 08, 2014

L'UNCDF a été invité par l’UEMOA (Département de l’Aménagement du Territoire) à prendre part à l’atelier de validation du rapport provisoire relatif au programme de coopération transfrontalière dans l’espace UEMOA du 23 au 25 juin 2014.

Jul. 07, 2014

Dans le cadre du programme LOBI/UEMOA, qui vise à renforcer la gouvernance des zones transfrontalière en Afrique de l’Ouest, UNCDF a organisé les 17 et 18 juin 2014 une rencontre du cadre de concertation de la zone IIRSahel entre le Burkina Faso, le Mali et le Niger. Cette rencontre s’est déroulée à Dori dans la région du Sahel au Burkina Faso, proche des frontières avec le Niger et le Mali.

Jun. 26, 2014
New York, USA

The Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility (LoCAL), a UNCDF global programme, held its first Project Board Meeting (PBM) in New York City, on Monday 23rd June 2014. The Chair of the LoCAL Project Board and five Project Board Members representing the participating governments in Asia and Africa (Benin, Bhutan, Cambodia, Mali, and Nepal) convened to discuss the progress on the LoCAL project in 2013 and make decisions on the 2014 budget work plan based on the LoCAL Global Project document.