UNCDF and...

UNCDF and...

The UNCDF CleanStart programme supports low-income consumers to transition to cleaner and more efficient energy through microfinance.

World’s poorest people are hit first and hardest by climate change. Find out more about UNCDF’s work to respond to this challenge

Digital payments are increasingly part of UNCDF’s work, particularly the Mobile Money for the Poor, the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programmes and MicroLead.

For UNCDF, household food insecurity is the result of a complex system of “vulnerability factors” in relation to shocks that destabilize local livelihoods. See how we respond tho this challenge

UNCDF has a clear responsibility in helping to pilot and scale up financing mechanisms that facilitate more and better financing to support South-South and Triangular cooperation.

Find out how gender equality and women’s empowerment concerns are central to UNCDF’s work in inclusive finance and local development finance

YouthStart believes access to finance coupled with financial-literacy training is critical for young people’s overall development.